come and Visit us

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Address: 82 Church St, Langley, OK 74350

Phone Number: (918)-782-2673

What To Expect:

Sunday Mornings:

Every Sunday morning we have Morning fellowship, Sunday school, and Morning worship. As with other churches in Oklahoma, we have no dress code, but we do expect you to dress in a manner that is respectful of the Lord's house and other church members. Dress for the weather and be comfortable. Stop by our welcome desk to get a Guest Card; This helps us meet your wishes better and record how many newcomers we have. 

Sunday Evenings:

Sunday evenings are like Sunday mornings except in the evening and without Sunday school. 

Wednesday Nights:

 Fellowship for adults, youth, and children is provided on Wednesday evenings. Come to a night filled with sincere prayer, or fun filled games, teaching, and hanging out with friends. 

Bethesda Medical Clinic:

Open from 9-12:30 with sign in from 9-9:30, this FREE medical clinic is open on Saturdays. Check out the Clinic Page for more information. 


Worship is a fundamental part of our relationship with God and with our fellow believers. It represents more than just music, but also a response to God and a way to fellowship and bond with our family in Christ; which, is why coming to worship with us is the best way to get to know us as a family. Sunday mornings include a variety of adult and student bible studies in addition to nursery for children two and younger. Wednesday evenings  also provide a chance for fellowship with a prayer service and Youth/student activities.  

Get involved


Check for upcoming activities and outreach events on the calendar or in our bulletin. Service is a spiritual gift that many people have in common and we would love to  provide a place for you to share Christ's love with others.


Do you have a passion for music, play an instrument or sing?  The Church choir meets at  5 pm on Sundays for practice. Talk to our worship leader about participating.

Sunday School

Our church has  a variety of Bible study/ Sunday school classes that meet on Sunday mornings at 9:50am including 3  adult classes and 5 for children of different age ranges. Previous to this at 9:45 we have Morning fellowship during which we encourage people to come and socialize together. 

Bethesda Medical Clinic

Bethesda Medical Clinic has been providing for the medical needs of Langley citizens since April of 2014 free of cost. Its care is specifically for people with little or no insurance and that provide appropriate proof they meet household income requirements. The Clinic itself provides many services including dental care, eye care, counseling, and more. It is open 8:30 AM- 12:30PM, and checkin is 8:30-10:30. Check out the Clinic page or contact the clinic to find out more.